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Our world première video recording


Thursday, April 30

7:00 PM

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"Virtual" Choir Project

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, WSJ suspended in-person rehearsals and performances, and we are working on a series of recordings.  

Each of our singers, with guidance from Artistic Director Michael-Paul Gurulé, works independently to create voice recordings that he then knits together to create a "virtual" choir performance.   Meanwhile Conner Helms, our talented accompanist, is using his amazing videography skills to create a unique visual element.  Here are some of the steps involved in the making of our recordings. 

  • We meet on Tuesday evenings, from the comfort of our own homes, to connect as a community, learn this new process together, and share our progress.

  • Conner Helms lays down a piano audio track for each song.

  • Artistic Director Michael-Paul Gurulé lays down four saxophone tracks over the piano track, mimicking the tone and dynamics he wants us to create as singers.

  • Each of our singers works independently to create an initial recording over the background track, and sends it to the Artistic Director for feedback.

  • With one-on-one guidance and feedback from the Artistic Director, each singer works independently to polish their recording, carefully matching diction with the other singers.

  • The Artistic Director knits together the voice parts to create a "virtual" choir.   He also creates additional instrumental parts electronically, and mixes the sounds together for our best performance. 

  • Now that the audio portion is done, singers lip-synch to the final recording to create individual videos.

  • Conner Helms, our accompanist extraordinaire, adds his outstanding  creativity and technical skills to edit the videos and join them together in a unique way, creating the overall visual production.

Our "virtual" choir meeting on Tuesday, March 24.

What our voices look like electronically, in the editing phase!

This has been a steep learning curve for all of us.  We are excited to announce our first release, Charade.  Stay tuned for more videos!

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