2020/2021 Program         -Whatcom "Sound Jazz Voice"

    Semester start date:  Tuesday Sept 22, 2020     

    Semester End Date: Tuesday Jan 19, 2021

            (NO meetings Dec 22 or 29)

Although physically apart, we'll keep on singing!   Starting Tuesday, Sept 22, Whatcom Sound Jazz offers a unique and challenging fall program, preparing singers to burst out in song in 2021.   We will listen and learn together, preparing and polishing some new repertoire intended for performance.   Meeting remotely, and working independently or in small (remote) groups, there will be four main areas of study:


  •  Sound Foundations --->  improve vocal control and build flexible tonal core.

  •  Sound Knowledge  ---> learn to hear and reproduce sounds of jazz.

  •  Sound Listening ---> respectfully reproduce music from its traditional culture, while understanding its greater context and artfully adding our voice.

  •  Sound Songs ---> develop mastery of repertoire, building singers' musicality, expression and independence of singing on parts.

In this 16-week program, our format will be weekly Zoom meetings in four half-hour slots.  At 7:00 PM will be a group learning session, each week featuring a different topic.  Topics may include for example study of a featured jazz singer, historical and cultural perspectives on jazz, and vocal jazz techniques.

Also on Tuesday evenings, there will be time slots for one-on-one sessions with our talented Artistic Director, Michael-Paul Gurulé.  Singers will prepare recordings in advance, and sign up in for the available time slots, three per week.  Singers will receive guidance and positive feedback, essentially a private lesson in jazz singing specific to our repertoire. 

We're gearing up to perform for live audiences, and we hope to be the first singing group to do so--- as soon as it is safe!

WSJ welcomes new singers to audition (remotely).  Participants will need internet access and basic video/audio recording software.