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The Jazz Choir

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New Jazz Choir Opportunity!

Do you love to sing and want to learn how to sing jazz? Then consider joining WSJ's new Mixed Jazz Choir.  Come learn the basics of jazz and jazz singing, along with opportunities to explore improvisation singing (scat singing).  The WSJ mixed Jazz Choir is for all genders and voice types! 

Some singing experience is necessary, but music reading is optional.  Learning tracks will be provided.  No audition- a brief meeting with the Artistic Director will occur to determine voice placement.

We meet Tuesdays in Bellingham from 8:05 to 9:30pm. Spring semester starts Tuesday, February 7th, and open enrollment continues until February 21.  Each semester is 14 weeks long and we will learn 4 songs this semester, culminating in a joint concert with the more advanced WSJ Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Tuition is based on a sliding scale of $125-225 per semester ($175 is the suggested payment).  Additionally, there is a $20/semester music fee which covers published scores that you get to keep.

Email if you are interested or have questions, and to register for our open enrollment period.   We look forward to making music together.  Let’s sing and swing!

Why Join the Jazz Choir?

You Love to Sing
We are a welcoming group that loves to sing together. The Jazz Choir strives to be a supportive and affirming place for all singers.

You Love Jazz
If you share a desire to experience jazz in a new and exciting way, then this is the place for you! We will learn about different aspects of jazz and its history, share recordings, singers and players to listen for, and so much more!

Voice Placement
There will be a brief voice placement exercise with the director. You will be asked to sing a short tune like Happy Birthday, Blue Skies, America the Beautiful, really anything you like. Voice placement is about setting you up for success!  Vocal conditioning is part of our program to grow our ability to sing.

When do we start!
The singing begins Tuesday Feb 7, at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (no affiliation). New singers welcome until Feb 21st 8pm. Remember, the earlier you come, the more time for learning!   Register at

What does it cost?
$175 per semester is the suggested tuition, but to keep it accessible we have a no-questions-asked sliding scale of $125 to $225.  By offering a range, those who love to help others can also opt to add extra.

When Do We Perform?
Each semester offers a show!  For first Semester the Jazz Choir will perform in the "Jazz in the Heart of Winter" Concert.  For the second semester, the Jazz Choir will sing at "Marvelous Music in May".

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