Interested in joining us?

Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers usually recruits singers in summer for a September start.  Occasionally we have openings at other times of the year.  Currently (Nov 2019) we have an opening in our Alto 2 section.  Please contact for more information, to schedule an audition for Alto 2, or to be added to a waiting list for any other voice part.

Expectations and time commitment

Our group rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 6:15 to 8:15 in Bellingham.  Separate sectionals are also organized by the singers, depending on the needs in each section.  Closer to performances, we often add extra rehearsals which are optional, but most singers do attend them.  Each member is important to the overall sound of the group; singers are expected to be at the majority of rehearsals and all performances, which are announced well in advance. 


Singers are expected to be able to read music well enough to learn notes and rhythms independently, and to memorize all their music for performances. 


Singers pay membership fees twice annually.


The audition is a simple process, designed to give the director a snapshot of your skills, strengths and musicality.  Here are the details:


Prepared song:  Prepare a jazz standard that demonstrates your artistic range clearly.  The director will be listening for your tessitura, i.e., the key in which you feel you sound your best, as well as to get an idea of your range. and musicality.  Please come prepared to sing the song in three keys: 


  1. The key that is most comfortable for you, and makes your voice shine.  In this key, you will sing the full song rendition.

  2. Your lowest key (first eight bars only).

  3. Your highest key (first eight bars only).


Suggestion:  For a backing track in any key, use the iRealpro app on your smart ( 


Scat Singing:  Scat sing over changes to your selected standard your key, your tempo.

Listening:  I will have you listen to a few patterns and have you sing them back to me in scat language after each pattern.


Ability to read music strongly recommended. 

Contact or call Michael at 360-961-1559 for more information or to set up an appointment to audition.

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